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Monroe Prewet Liquid Systems


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Monroe Pre-wet Systems

Monroe pre-wet systems are the best way to get the most out of your salt spreader.  These pre-wet systems spray liquid brine on salt just before it hits the spinner when spreading.  This activates the melting properties of the salt, allowing it to melt snow and ice quicker.

Monroe pre-wet systems allow for a significant increase in salt spreading efficiency, which saves the user enormously on salt use.  These systems are run either electrically (LDS-333) or hydraulically (LDS-455).  They’re available in 15 gallon, 75 gallon or 100 gallon tanks that typically strap to the side of a V-box spreader, above a tailgate spreader, behind the cab or on the sides of an all-season dump body.

  • Electric (LDS-333) or hydraulic (LDS-455) model available
  • Electric (LDS-333) uses a closed loop system, while hydraulic (LDS-455) can either use an open or closed loop system
  • 15 gallon, 75 gallon and 100 gallon tank sizes
  • 3-7 gallon/minute displacement
  • Tanks are made of high density polyethylene
  • Crossover kit (for multi-tank use)
  • Stainless steel mounting straps
  • Bulk fill kit
  • Flusher kit (for easy pump cleaning)
  • Automatic liquid shut off
  • Low level electric sensor kit
Monroe Pre-wet Systems – Full Line Brochure
Monroe LDS-333 Electric Pre-wet
Monroe LDS-455 Hydraulic Pre-wet
Monroe LDS-333 Owner’s Manual
Monroe LDS-455 Owner’s Manual

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