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Varitech Anti-Icing Brine Systems


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Anti-Icing Systems

Varitech Industries & Buyers products offers a full line of truck mounted anti-icing (brine) systems.  Anti-icing is designed to pre-treat the roadways before an impending storm.  This disrupts snow and ice from sticking to the pavement which makes for much cleaner and easier snow removal.


Varitech anti-icing (brine) systems are available with poly tanks which range from 200-3040 gallon capacities.  They’re capable of single lane, 2 lane or 3 lane applications, making them a versatile snow fighting tool.  Varitech anti-icing systems can be configured as simple or as specialized as the user needs them to be.  They can either be gravity fed, gas driven or driven from a controller in the cab.  There are 4 main truck mounting applications for these type of systems.  The first is loading into a dump body.  The 100% galvanized frame and optional leg kit allow for simple loading and unloading.  The second most popular application is to mount these tanks on a hooklift or rolloff skid.  This is benefitial in the fact that loading/unloading is done in a matter of just a few minutes and the user doesn’t have to expose a truck body to the corrosive brine solution.  The third way is to chassis mount your tanks.  And finally the forth solution is to mount these tanks to a trailer.  These trailer tanks are available all the way up to 4,035 gallons.

  • Tank Capacities (gallons): 200, 305, 535, 925, 1035, 1300, 1620, 1850, 2600, 3400
  • Lane Distribution: 1, 2 or 3 lanes
  • Feed Systems:  Gravity fed, gas engine, electric (from cab) or central hydraulically (from cab)
  • High density polyethylene shell
  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Flanged tank fittings
  • Electric flow meter
  • Self-loading leg kits
  • Automatic rate controllers
  • Varitech in cab controller
  • Tank tamers
Varitech Anti-Icing – Full Line Brochure
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