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Monroe DTS Metro All Season Dump Body



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Monroe DTS Metro All Season Dump Bodies

Operate this unit as a side tip dump body or salt spreader.



The Monroe DTS Metro all season combination dump spreader body can be used all year long.  Use it as a side tipping dump body for the majority of the year, but when it snows, take out the conveyor cover plate and use as a side tipping salt spreader. Popular chassis for this body include the Ford F550, Ford F600, International CV, Chevrolet 6500, Chevrolet 5500 and more.

  • Available in 10′
  • 16″ High sides
  • 10 ga. stainless steel body construction
  • 1/4″ removable floor
  • Front telescopic hoist cylinder
  • Side spinner
  • Smooth sides
  • 3 panel double acting tailgate
  • Heavy duty board pockets
  • Recessed LED stop/turn/tail recessed in rear corner posts with shock absorbing grommets
  • 1/4 (12″), 1/2 (24″), 3/4 (36), & full (48) cabshields
  • 201 or 304 stainless steel body and floor construction
  • Grease extensions to front and rear
  • Air foil
  • Side extensions for added height
  • Fold-up side ladder
  • Tarp tie rail
  • Tarp and roller

Monroe DTS Metro All Season Dump Body

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