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Valk Heavy Duty Municipal Snowplows


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Valk Snowplows

Valk manufactures a full line of heavy duty municipal snowplows.  They’re also renowned for hardened steel, carbide and rubber cutting edges for snowplows and loaders.



Valk is widely known for it’s huge V and expressway plows, however they also manufacture a full line of quality, heavy duty power reversible and one way municipal snowplows.  If extreme duty is what you need, then you need a Valk.  They also manufacture a quality line of cutting edges for snowplows and loaders.  Their vast array of hitch setups insure that you’ll have the right plow to fit the rest of your fleet. These plows are ideal for New Jersey DOT, New Jersey Turnpike and Parkway state contracts for snowplowing, especially when combined with a bumper-axle hitch and manual reverse option.

  • Blade Widths:  8′, 9′, 10′, 11′ and 12′
  • Blade Heights:  30″, 36″, 41″ and 42″
  • Blade Material:  Steel
  • Blade Gauge:  10
  • Trip Springs:  2
  • Ribs:  6-8
  • Weight:  950-1650 lbs.
  • Trip Mechanism:  Full trip
  • Cutting Edge:  1/2″ x 6″ hardened steel
  • Reversing Function: Power reversible or fixed
  • Color: Painted orange
  • Warranty: N/A
  • Caster wheels, skid shoes, carbide skid shoes
  • Flat or “C” style
  • Carbide cutting edge
  • Rubber cutting edge
  • Spring hinged snowshield
  • Polyethylene moldboard
  • Polymer overlay on moldboard
  • Lift chain cushioning spring
  • Custom paint colors
  • Curb bumper
  • Curbguards
  • Rubber snow deflector
  • Florescent plastic or cable blade guides
  • Numerous hitch options
Valk Snowplow – Full Line Brochure

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