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VMAC Truck Mounted Air Compressors


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VMAC Air Compressors

VMAC offers the industry’s premier underhood air compressor systems.  These rotary screw underhood air compressors are available from 40-150 CFM and can be mounted to a number of medium-heavy duty vehicles.



VMAC is well known throughout the industry for manufacturing the premier line of underhood air compressors.  They have rotary screw models ranging from 40-150 CFM, making them great for running everything from running anything from impact wrenches to two 90 lb. jackhammers at once.  Because these compressors work under the hood of your truck, you’re left with significantly more space on your truck.  However, VMAC isn’t only about underhood air compressors.  They also offer a full line of gas, diesel and hydraulic air compressors.  They also offer 6 in 1 multi-function power systems that combine a compressor, generator, welder, jump-starter, PTO and cold-climate kit.


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