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Boss V-XT Snowplow For ATVs


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Boss V-XT Snowplows

The Boss XT V snowplow is the ultimate ATV snowplow.  Easily control up/down/left/right, as well as V and scoop positions with the handheld controller.  This plow allows you to handle some of the most difficult plowing situations.

The Boss V-XT snowplow is one of the only V-Plows on the market that can be be mounted to most ATVs.  The plow is controlled by an electric hydraulic power unit with a controller mounted on the handle bars.  This plow allows you to get to places other plows just cant.  Easily push, scoop and plow through tight corners, sidewalks, pathways and driveways.  The RT3 mounting systems allows you to quickly attach and detach the V-XT from your ATV.  CLICK HERE to see if this plow will fit your ATV.

  • Blade Widths:  5′ 6″
  • Blade Height:  18 3/8″ inside – 23 3/16″ outside
  • Blade Material:  Powder Coated Steel
  • Blade Gauge:  14
  • Trip Springs:  2
  • Ribs:  4 Vertical – 1 diagonal
  • Weight:  245 lbs.
  • Trip Mechanism:  Full Trip
  • Cutting Edge:  1/4″ x 4″
  • Shoes:  N/A
  • Headlights:  Uses ATV headlights
  • Warranty:  2 Years
  • Urethane cutting edge
  • Rubber cutting edge
  • Snow deflector
  • Emergency parts kit
Boss UTV/ATV Equipment Brochure
Boss V-XT Snowplow Owner’s Manual
Boss V-XT Snowplow Parts Poster

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