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Heavy Duty Truck Mounted Snow & Ice Equipment - Sorcewell (National Contract)


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Monroe Truck Equipment Sorcewell (Formerly NJPA)

Monroe snow and ice equipment, including snowplows, salt spreaders, pre-wet systems, dump bodies, central hydraulic systems and much more.
General Information

Name: Sorcewell (Formerly NJPA)

Type: National Contract

Contract #: 080114-MTE



Expiration Date: 10/20/2020

Who Can Purchase: Any municipality, county or government agency

Contract Holder: Monroe Truck Equipment (Cliffside Body Distributor)




This national contract is categorized under “Roadway Maintenance, Asphalt, Snow & Ice”.  It is for all truck equipment and accessories sold by Monroe Truck Equipment.  As a distributor for Monroe, Cliffside Body Corporation may sell and install this equipment under the same contract.  Monroe manufactures and upfits a number of truck equipment products including, but not limited to, heavy duty snowplows, salt spreaders, spreader/dump combination bodies, hooklifts, dump bodies, central hydraulic systems, and medium duty snowplows.

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