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Godwin Flatbeds and Rack Bodies


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Godwin Flatbeds

Available from 10′-26′, Godwin platform bodies are the most heavy duty standard flatbeds out there.  Choose between 3/16″ smooth steel, 3/16″ treadplate steel or apitong flooring.  Complete with standard features such as powder coating and rub rails.

With its rugged design and use of high quality materials, Godwin platform bodies are built to last.  These bodies can be dumping or non dumping.  They can have have smooth steel, treadplate steel or apitong floors.  And they can be upfit as flatbeds or low side contractor bodies.  Perfect for contractors, landscapers, construction companies, municipalities and more.  Their unique apitong floor features strips or apitong hardwood in between powder coated steel inserts, for a unique and extremely heavy duty look and feel.  Because their lengths can range from 10′-26′, these bodies can be upfit on practically any chassis out there.

  • Available with 10′-26′ body lengths
  • Available for dual rear wheel application
  • High tensile steel construction
  • Zinc epoxy primer and black powder coat paint finish
  • Heavy duty 3/8″ x 2 1/2″ flat bar rub “banding” rail
  • Reinforced stake pockets for racks
  • Recessed LED FMVSS marker lights
  • High tensile steel bulkhead
  • Full length structural channel longsills (6″ on 10′-14′ bodies – 7″ on 15′-26′ bodies)
  • 3″ structural channel crossmembers on 12″ centers
  • 3/16″ smooth steel, 3/16″ treadplate steel or apitong floor with steel inbetween
  • Contractor sides and tailgate
  • Screen window in bulkhead
  • Cabshield
  • 42″, 50″, 54″ or 60″ bulkhead
  • Ladder racks
  • Tarp and rollers
  • Dumping hoists
  • Liftgates
  • Paint colors to order
Godwin Platform Body Literature

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