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Valley Enterprise Chipper Bodies For Hooklifts & Rolloffs


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Hooklift/Rolloff Chipper Bodies

Our chipper/leaf bodies for hooklifts are manufactured by Valley Enterprise in Pennsylvania.  They’re available from 10′ long all the way up to 20′ long and have a number of standard heights and rear door configurations.


Valley Enterprise chipper and leaf bodies for hooklifts and rolloffs are custom made to order to suit your exact needs.  To order, start by selecting either hooklift or rolloff application (if it’s for a hooklift, specify the model and hook height).  Second, select your roof and back door configuration.  Valley and Cliffside Body offer a number of custom configurations to suit your specific needs.  Third, choose your length, width and side height  Fourth, select your color (Valley will factory paint a number of standard colors, however, if you’re looking for something more specific, Cliffside Body can match any color code out there).  See price sheet standard pricing, or call for a custom quote.

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