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Truck Mounted Generators, Welders & Compressors

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VMAC Compressed Air Solutions

VMAC offers the industry’s premier underhood air compressor systems.  These rotary screw underhood air compressors are available from 40-150 CFM and can be mounted to a number of medium-heavy duty vehicles.  VMAC also manufactures a line of generator/welder/compressor multi-power combination units.

Vanair Mobile Power Solutions

Vanair is the premier truck mounted generator/welder/compressor brand.  They manufacturer a full line of quality, highly specialized multi-power units to help you get the most out of your work truck.

Miller EnPak Multi-Power Units

Miller is the industry leader in truck mounted welding solutions.  This means that their line of generator/welder/compressor power units (The EnPak) are some of the best multi-power combination units available for those who can’t sacrifice on a quality welder.

Hippo Multi-Power

Hippo Multi Power manufactures the heaviest duty and highest quality line of multi-power combination units on the market today.  These units are built to stand up to the most extreme jobs and environments.

Goodall Manufacturing Jump-Starters

Goodall manufactures the industry’s premier line of truck mounted jump-starter units.  Whether you’re looking for a simple, 12 volt, battery mounted cable unit for cars or a heavy duty 24 volt unit for construction equipment, Goodall has you covered.

CAS (Compressed Air Systems)

CAS (Compressed Air Systems) offers the go-to line light-heavy duty truck mounted compressor products.  They offer the most comprehensive lineup of reciprocating and rotary screw air compressors out there.

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