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Smith Mini-Max Stainless Steel V-Box Spreader

The Smith Mini-Max is a heavy duty stainless steel V-Box spreader in miniaturized form.  It uses the same quality construction as Smith’s popular Series II and IV models.  It features dual electrics motors and is available in 1/4 yard – 1 1/2 cubic yard capacities.

Boss VBX3000 Poly V-Box Spreader

The Boss VBX3000 will help take your UTV to the next level.  This high quality polyethylene salt spreader that’s driven by a single electric motor that powers the spinner and auger.  It comes with the same quality features as it’s larger VBX cousins, such as a variable speed controller, work lights and a vinyl cover.

Fisher Polycaster Poly V-Box Spreader

This Fisher Polycaster is designed to fit in the bed of most UTVs.  It’s high density polyethylene hopper can hold up to 11 cubic feet of salt.  The Polycaster features dual electric motors that power the auger and spinner independently.

Meyer Base Line 125 Poly Tailgate Spreader

The Meyer Baseline 125 is the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to upfit your UTV or ATV with an electric salt spreader.  This unit attaches and detaches in a matter of seconds, leaving you with more time to tackle whatever the job calls for.

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