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The Boss HTX is the perfect snowplow for homeowners or contractors with 1/2 ton pickup trucks or SUVs.  It’s durable, easy to use, easy to maintain and a great value.  It comes in powder coated or stainless steel.
Super Duty
Get the most out of your plow truck with the Boss Super Duty snowplow.  The Super Duty is the flagship plow in the Boss product line.  It’s designed for 3/4 ton and larger pickup trucks and chassis.  Perhaps the best commercial duty snowplow on the market.
Heavy Duty
The Heavy Duty is a great choice for contractors and municipalities that need to move the most amount of snow possible.  Specifically designed for class 5 chassis and bigger, the Heavy Duty has all the great, easy to use features of the Super Duty, only bigger.
The Boss HTX-V is the ultimate V plow for 1/2 ton pickup trucks.  Whether you’re just doing your own driveway/street, or you’re taking on bigger parking lot contracts, the HTX-V is designed to do it all.
With class leading 36″-38″ flared wings, the Boss V XT is the right V plow choice for your 3/4 ton pickup that needs a heavy duty V plow, but also needs some extra weight savings.
Built to take and give a beating, the Boss DXT is the most durable, state of the art V plow out there.  It fits most 3/4 ton and larger trucks, and has the biggest, tallest moldboard in its class.  It features an 11 gauge moldboard with 10 reinforcing ribs, where the Western uses 14 gauge and 8 ribs.  This combined with a dual trip, Hardox cutting edge makes it a no-brainer.  The DXT is available in powder coated or stainless steel.
The Boss EXT features extendable wings that hydraulically extend from 8′ to 10′ with the push of a button.  This means you can use bring the wings in when plowing tight areas or driving, then extend the wings out to capture and scoop the most snow possible.

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