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Sage Oil Vac 55AB-6100 Lube Combination Body


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Sage Oil Vac 55AB-6100

Made specifically for class 5 chassis, the Sage Oil Vac 55AB-6100 makes on the job oi changes easy.  Equipped with a 120 gallon used oil tank, (2) 60 gallon fresh oil tank, (2) fresh antifreeze tanks, a 120 lb grease keg holder, compressor, hose reels, and much more.


The Sage Oil Vac 55AB-6100 makes for the perfect lube truck for class 5 chassis.  Quickly and easily make fluid transfers from ground lavel.  Popular chassis include the Ford F-550 and Ram 5500.

  • Flatbed length/width: varies
  • (1) 120 gallon used oil tank
  • (2) 60 gallon fresh oil tank
  • (2) 60 gallon coolant/antifreeze tank
  • 120 lb grease keg holder with 50:1 Alemite piston pump
  • 22 CFM vacuum/compressor
  • Retractable hose reels in rear
  • Used oil offload hose
  • Patented Filter Stinger
  • Fresh fluid holders
  • LED compartment strip lighting

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