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Series IV Pickup Spreader


Standard Features

Simple Installation:
Kit comes complete with heavy duty ratchet straps, wire, connectors, H.D. relays, switches, and instructions
Stainless Steel Construction:
Hopper, frame, and all structural components are 
constructed of stainless steel
Pintle Chain Conveyor:
12” wide steel, riveted pintle chain with 3/16 x 1 cross bars spaced on 5” centers. Chain strength is rated at 22,000 lbs., and is of the exposed pin type to minimize chain rust-ups 
Conveyor Drive:
Eight-tooth sprockets on a 1-inch diameter shaft mounted on ball bearings.  The driveshaft is driven by a 50:1 worm gear speed reducer
A 14” diameter 6-blade urethane disc is mounted on a 1-inch diameter shaft.  Material dispersion is controlled by stainless steel adjustable flappers
Easy Maintenance:
All fasteners are stainless steel!
Inverted “V”:
Included as standard equipment
Slider Bed Cover:
A replaceable HDPE plastic slider-bed cover


Toolboxes & Van Shelving
24” Chute for dump body applications
Top Extension increases capacity to 3 yards
Top Screen—hot dipped galvanized
Top Cover/Sidespill shields—S/S
Rear Spill Shields available in 6” or 12”
Speed Control for conveyor and/or spinner
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