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Dump Box Auger Spreader


Smith Spreaders introduces the next evolution of Dump Box Spreaders:

  • Light weight and easy to install through coal chute
  • Simple design means minimum maintenance
  • Only 2 hydraulic motors and 2 bearings
  • Auger outlasts chain conveyor
  • Available in three lengths


Augers tend to unload material at the rear before the front making the trucks front end “light”.
Our auger design unloads evenly, thus maintaining the 
stability of the truck.
Installation into the truck is made 
easy by one of two methods:
· Through an existing “harder” tailgate door
· Cut in the size as stated in the service manual and use the
  supplied door plate
The discharge chute is plumbed into the box lift cylinder, so that if the box needs to be raised to push material back towards the tailgate to continue the route or dump excess material, the chute goes up and out of the way – eliminating the need to get out and manually raise the chute.
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Spreaders are available in 3 sizes:
8 foot – DBAS-8 for trucks up to 10’ bed
10 foot – DBAS-10 for trucks up to 12’ bed
12 foot – DBAS-12 for trucks up to 16’ bed
For safety, Screens supplied will be the same length as the truck box
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