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Steel EL Series

The new EL series offers a number of innovative features such as the elliptical bed shape for a lower center of gravity and quicker load discharge. A new dual position air operated high-lift tailgate results in much quicker turn around time. The unique crossmemberless body allows for much faster after-work cleanup. These break-through enhancements, along with numerous other features, will maximize your productivity.

Steel G Series

The R & S Steel G series is a superior dump body for paving, material hauling, and contracting. Nothing challenges the quality and craftsmanship of a dump body more than hauling heavy, abrasive materials, and nothing holds up better under these conditions than a steel R & S dump body. Optional features include a tool box, asphalt tapers, bed liner, lift axles, and many other extras to help customize your new body for your needs.  

Steel C Series

For years R/S has provided a custom steel coal dump body to handle the tough material hauling needs of the coal industry. The C series body is designed to maximize hauling volume while maintaining structural integrity for maximized longevity.

Steel CS Series

It doesn't take much to figure out why the R & S Steel CS series is the most popular. We look at it as strength and durability in a lighter alternative. The Steel CS Series comes standard with an air tailgate, crossmemberless construction, and one full-length horizontal side brace per side. Various optional features are also available including the R & S High-Lift Tailgate and LED-style lighting. Upon special request, unique painting schemes are also available to customize your new investment.

Steel SC Series

Designed for general contractors and municipal use, the SC series steel dump body is perfect for tough, small to medium size hauling jobs. It’s crossmemberless design allows for increased payloads due to its lighter weight, and its 12” floor to side radius makes for cleaner dumping.

Steel WG Series

Very similar to the R/S G series steel body, the WG is a traditional boxed design with stacked understructure. What sets the WG apart is its heavy duty specs. With standard I-Beam crossmembers, additional side bracing and structural tubing top rails, this body is engineered to handle rugged hauling.
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